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Ruiz Mila Transports i Logístics S.L

The company was founded in 1963 by Joan Manel Ruiz Mila, this was promoted with the help of Transports Ruiz Mila S.A. located in Vilafranca Del Penedès, by Aureli Ruiz Mila.

These two carriers were divided: Transports Ruiz Mila S.A. carries out logistics: local and national. On the other hand, Ruiz Mila Transports i Logístics S.L. was dedicated to logistics: national-international.

The latter changed and now carries out what is currently logistics: local, national and French.

Meet our team

Ruiz Mila Transports i Logístics S.L.

Sven Stuffmann

Logistics Administration of National-International

Joan Manel

Owner and CEO

Local-National Logistics Administration

Mireia Gallego


Meet our team

Transports Ruiz Mila S.A.

Aureli Ruiz Milà

Management Manager at Transports Ruiz Mila S.A.