Insuring the transport and the product is the most important for
us We have a fleet, and we guarantee shipping and
route using a GPS to locate the trucks
wherever they are Being able to notify any delay in any of
our trucks.

National-French transport

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Transport Leader in Sant Cugat del Vallès

We make the difference from all your competition

Transport 100%

Our transport ensures the condition of the product so that it arrives in the right conditions

More than 60 years in the logistics sector

Experience, we say it all, and we prove it!

Is lack of fleet preventing your business from growing?

We think not! We are the SME, with a fleet of 40 mobile floor trucks and with our management, which is: fast and efficient.

Languages: Catalan, French, German and English
Local, National and French Transport
Company of Catalan origin

Ruiz Mila fulfills, communicates and performs. Our customers count on us for our constancy and regularity in the fulfillment of the transport.

– Joan Manel Ruiz, president and CEO


Fleet of 40 mobile floor trucks. Wherever and whenever we talk about it and negotiate


We use IberoTrack technology. Latest technology in GPS for trucks


Communication is everything in the world of transport and logistics. And we do it, we communicate!


Time is important and we try to take advantage of it in the world of transport